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Just Use A Button

Posted on:March 19, 2023

If you find yourself making a SwiftUI list and want to have the standard selectionStyle — highlight animations and the like — don’t over-complicate.

Just use a button.

List {
  Section {
      Button {
      } label: {

For many UIKit folks — myself included — this feels bizarre and alien. Using a UIButton instead of a UITableViewCell‽ But we aren’t operating in UIKit, and while UIKit can rightly inform us of SwiftUI behavior, we need to let some things go.

In SwiftUI, there are no cells. Just views and view behavior modifiers.

A view doesn’t have a selection style. But wrapping it in a NavigationLink gives it one. Similarly, a Button isn’t a view per-se. It’s a wrapper that gives a view a selection behavior and an action.

If you’re working in a codebase that uses both UIKit and SwiftUI, you’ll likely find a lot more use out of Button than NavigationLink for the time being.